Microsoft Office© and Internet/Intranet Application Development.
Who are RobotParade and what do they do? Where did they get that name from?
A list of some of the services RobotParade provide and some of the projects we have been involved in.
A few files and code snippets we have created for your enjoyment. Please help yourself.
There are a number of ways to contact us. Probably the easiest is:
Links to the sites that we find most useful, most entertaining or just most strange and hope you will too.

RobotParade are a small company who specialise in providing enterprise level results for small businesses.

Whatever your project, big or small, our team of developers will build for you the product you need.

Our database team develop primarily in MS Access, but we have experience of a range of Databases from Pervasive(Btrieve) to MS SQL Server.

We are experts at making the software you already have work smarter. Who would have thought that MS© Word could be used as an interactive database app? We Did!

Our downloads page has many samples that we have created for your pleasure. They are fully documented and usually show how to 'do' something specific. Most examples are answers to questions we have been asked on the Tek-Tips forum. If you are stuck on a programming question, ask & we may be able to create a sample for you.

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Welcome to the new and improved RobotParade web site. Please take the time to look around, download our samples, or just laugh at our efforts. Please let us know what you think.
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